What the abbreviations mean

The abbreviations tell you what happened; the numbers tell you where it happened.

1: 1st bend (2: 2nd bend etc)
1/2: Between the 1st and 2nd bends
1-2: From the 1st bend all the way to the 2nd bend

So, ‘Chll1,Ld2/3-4’ means ‘Challenged for the lead at the 1st bend; took the lead between the 2nd and 3rd bends; kept the lead until the 4th bend’.

ALd: Always led (led from start to finish)
Awk: Awkward (turned its head towards another dog rather than concentrating on the race)

Bd: Badly (BdBmp: badly bumped)
Blk: Baulked (ran into another dog)
Bmp: Bumped by another dog

Chll: Challenged for the lead
ClrRn: Clear run (wasn’t bumped or crowded) but still didn’t win
Ck: Checked (hesitated)
Ckd Sough: Hesitated halfway down the back straight
CmAgn: Came again (put in another big effort)
CmOffLm: Came off lame (was found to be injured after the race)
Crd: Crowded by other dogs
Crmp: Had an attack of cramp

dht: Dead heat
DInt: Deliberately interfered with another dog during the race
Disq: Disqualified (usually after acting aggressively towards another dog)
Dist: Finished a long distance behind the rest of the dogs
dnf: Did not finish
DrwClr: Drew clear of the rest of the field

Eased: Slowed down (usually approaching a bend)
EP: Showed early pace on the run up
EvAw: Evenly away (came out of the traps level with the other dogs)
EvCh: Had every chance (wasn’t bumped or crowded) but still didn’t win

Fcd-Ck: Forced to check to avoid running into another dog
FcdWd: Forced to run wide around the bend
Fdd: Faded (ran out of puff)
FnWll: Finished well (ran strongly up the home straight)

GdMiddle: Ran well up the back straight (the middle section of the race)

HldOn: Held on (kept the lead despite coming under pressure from another dog)

Imp: Impeded by another dog

KO: Knocked over

Lckd: Lacked (LckdEP: Lacked early pace)
Ld: Led
LftClr: Left clear (after other dogs collided)
Lm: Lame (i.e. was injured during the race)

Mid: Ran in the middle of the track
MsdBk: Missed break (came out of the traps late)
MsdTrbl: Missed trouble (avoided a collision affecting other dogs)
MvdOff: Moved off (left a gap for other dogs to pass on the inside)

NrLn: Near the finishing line
NvrShwd: Never showed (did not look competitive at any stage)

OutP: Outpaced (simply not quick enough to be competitive)

QAw: Quickly away (a fast start)

Rls: Ran close to the inside rail
RnIn: Run-in (the closing stages of the race)
RnOff: Ran off the track at the bend
RnOn: Ran on (kept going strongly)
RnUp: Run-up (the run from the traps to the first bend)

SlAw: Slowly away (started slowly)
SnLd: Soon led (took the lead early in the race)
StkRl: Struck the inside rail when going round the bend
Stmb: Stumbled
Stppd: Stopped
StrFn: Strong finish (came with a late run)
Stt: Start (StmbStt: Stumbled start – almost fell over coming out of the traps)
Styd: Stayed (kept running strongly all the way to the line)

ThrOut: Throughout the race (ChllThrOut: Challenged for the lead all the way round)
TndInTrps: Turned in the traps (so was facing the wrong way when the race started)

UpWthTrps: Rose up on hind legs as the traps opened

V: Very (VQAw: Very quickly away)

W: Ran wide on the right-hand side of the track
Wtd: Slowed down when leading and waited for other dogs to catch-up