Find your dog

Use the navigation buttons and tabs at the bottom of the screen to find your dog and its form since the start of 2017. Times are now provided by a hi-tech photofinish system. Previous ‘Unofficial’ times were my own – usually taken from the very accurate frame clock of a video of the race but sometimes merely hand-timed to the nearest tenth of a second with a stopwatch . The first tab is an index of more than 800 greyhounds. Those currently on the strength are listed at the top; those that have retired or moved track are listed lower down. Scroll up or down to your dog’s name and select the link (be patient – depending on your device, it may take 30 seconds or more for it to search through the records).
If you are using a mobile phone, turn it 90 degrees to view the screen in landscape.
For an even better view on any device, select the ‘View full-size workbook’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner (it’s a very large database, so this option may take a long time to load on a mobile phone):